WB Electric strives to hire, train and develop the best electricians. Don’t think college is the right option for you?

In a World that operates off electricity, the service of an electrician is always in demand. The trade makes a great career choice due to the limited supply causing a high demand for electricians. Unlike college, where you take general English, math, and science courses, a trade school gives you the essential information you will use throughout your career with hands-on training. The knowledge and training you receive in the electrical apprenticeship program are directly related to what you will need to know in your career. Completing any apprenticeship program creates an exciting career, hands-on training, flexibility, money management, and connections.

WB Electric offers a four-year electrical apprenticeship program connected with Resource Valley Construction Training Council. The focus of the training covers principles of electricity and wiring, installation methods, principles of magnetism, and electric motor theory and control. Electrical apprentices attend school for four years and must accumulate 2,000 hours of on-the-job training per year.

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